Sr. Cloud Security Engineer

Sr. Cloud Security Engineer


Location: Atlanta, GA

Job Type: Long Term Contact

Job Description :

  • Must have Proven ability to secure cloud deployments and protect sensitive data.
  • Adopt at working with senior management to develop and implement security strategy.
  • Manage and support the implementation of AWS Cloud infrastructure for multiple clients, including design, deployment, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
  • Create detail technical documentation to support the security management of client’s cloud environments (e.g., network diagrams).
  • Assist in developing privacy and security policies and procedures for new projects or enhancements to existing systems.
  • Create a cloud-based security platform that monitor and analyze data from multiple sources to identify potential threats
  • Conduct penetration testing on the cloud infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities in its security systems
  • Conduct security assessments of web applications, networks, and systems to identify security vulnerabilities.
  • Document findings and recommendations in security reports and presentations.
  • Implement security controls to mitigate identified security risks.
  • Design a comprehensive data loss prevention program that reduced sensitive information leakage
  • Experience in performing penetration testing on the web applications deployed on the cloud platform.
  • Knowledge of cloud native security services provided by the AWS/Azure/Google Cloud Platform cloud platforms.

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